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Heavy Metal Scrap & Recycling has experts working that have over 22 years of experience in the field. We are your local pick-up service for your recycling needs. Our accommodations are fast, friendly, and efficient! We specialize in recycling and metal scrapping. We cater to large businesses as well as small businesses. We can meet your needs from industrial and manufacturing customers requiring regular scheduled pick-ups to small independents recyclers that appreciate quick, in-and-out service.


We offer a variety of services for both ferrous and non-ferrous metals, as well as cardboard, and automobile and appliance decommissioning.

Industrial/Commercial Pick-Up


Commercial business? Got a lot of material to get rid of? We'll come to you!

We work with many commercial/industrial businesses in and out of the Riverside, San Diego, and Orange County areas. 


The experienced staff at Heavy Metal Scrap & Recycling will partner with you to determine the most effective recycling options and programs to meet your needs. Whether you are recycling ferrous and nonferrous metal, construction demolition, cardboard, or anything else, we will work with you to design an effective program to efficiently process your materials, recover, and recycle your scrap.

Free Scrap Management Assessment


Turn your scraps into extra cash!

Your business or job-site may be producing a wide variety of recyclable materials that can bolster your bottom line! Don't waste it by throwing it away or routinely selling it for cents on the dollar. Request a complimentary Waste & Recycle Audit.


Say good-bye to your scrap management problems! Contact us to set up a consultation and we'll respond as soon as possible!


For more information or to request an audit, visit our Contact Us page!



This is what we can offer you here at Heavy Metal Scrap!
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